The Driftless region is a true undiscovered gem. Nonexistent
only a few decades ago, environmental & agricultural practices
changed through the careful guidance of state and local
government, local organizations like TU and dedicated farmers
transforming the areas famed coulee limestone creeks into some
of the most unique and storied wild trout habitat.

Heart of the Driftless will introduce you to creeks-
    many of them smaller than the length of your rod-
   choke-full of wild browns and brook trout providing
  some of the best fly fishing in the world.
The "Heart of the Driftless" dvd had a great seven year
run and is now out of print. Heart of the Drifltess
(as well as Reverb) are available as streaming
options on Vimeo On Demand. Click the links below
I'm not even sure how to sum up my response to Reverb. Amazing. You have done such a great job with HOTD as a
whole, showing a wonderful landscape with those that fish, contribute, preserve and enjoy it. Thanks Robert, this was
yet another fantastic journey through the many facets of fly fishing and the anglers that love it so. Your films are
incredibly inclusive, approachable, tangible on so many levels and a *ucking all around blast! We (fly fishing) are
lucky to have someone like you showing us what we do. Amen brother...Amen.

Josh Radlein
Just finished watching my copy of HOTD and all I can say is wow! I own just about all the fly fishing dvd's that have
come out the last few years and HOTD is by far the best that I have seen. The conservation sucess story of the area
is truely inspiring and I hope to fish some of those creeks one day. Thanks for making such a great film.

John Yuschak
Wood Ridge, NJ
Heart of the Driftless is not fast pace fish porn. Just like it's subject, it has an easy going feel about it. Robert did
an amazing job producing and shooting this film to capture the character and pace of the area, and it's rise to one of
the best wild trout fisheries in the country. A special thanks to RT for making this film!! and btw the full version of
Reverb is killer!!!

Rob McAbee
Buglslinger Fly Gear
Reverb is a fabulous introduction to a genre of music you may or may not be connected with. It's awesome! The
band will make you laugh and may inspire you to pull out the fly rod for a few casts. The footage is beautiful and I
really dig the editing in this piece, it creates a pace and energy that is perfect for the subject matter. I knew nothing
of the driftless before I watched the dvd, now I've added it to my fishing list. HOTD is an excellent dvd loaded with
great content!!!

Jodi Tenicin Smith
RL, Montana
Robert's camera work and his eye for the sublime allow him to capture what it is that makes this place so darn special,
the intimacy of small creeks surround by farm land in the middle of "farm country USA" and the unmistakable subtle
perfection of this trout mecca. INCREDIBLE CAMERA WORK!!!

He takes the time to tell the story of the restoration and rescue of these once forgotten and overlooked creeks and
gives credit to the many people and organizations that have contributed their time, efforts, skill and sweat to bring
about a miraculous rebirth. It's an amazing piece!

But wait!, there's more...

Reverb Robert tells the story of Pegboy, a chicgao based punk rock band and how fly fishing gave them
something to bond over and how flyfishing these spring creeks in Wisconsin has been a source of sanity, escape,
sobriety and something fundamentally important to them. They make the unlikeliest cast for a  film held loosely
together by flyfishing, but that's why I REALLY liked
Reverb. It's not a movie about flyfishing- but a retrospective
about an interesting group of guys that have had an interesting life and fly fishing is the metaphor they use to find
piece....very cool and very different piece, I highly reccomend this dvd!!!

Andy Kurkulis
Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters
Personally Reverb is so good and so well documented and different, it is hard for me to believe that it is not a
separate dvd. I honestly think it should make it into music stores and music sections of shops and should be reviewed
by music magazines, not just fly fishing magazines. Heck, it should be on the fesitval curcuit, it's really that good.
Some (old farts) may struggle to "get"
Reverb, but if they truely understand fly fishing...they will.

RT you nailed this dvd and all it's content and it's no wonder that
Reverb was picked up for this years Fly Fishing
Film Tour. I stock all your dvd's in my shop and look forward to your next release.

Stu Tripney
Stu's Fly Shop
Athol, New Zealand
Robert Thompson is definitely one of my favorite fly fishing filmmakers. I love it whevever he publishes a trailer
on-line especially when it holds the promise of a new DVD release.
Heart of the Driftless does not disappoint !
It is made to the usual RT standards and it is as mouth watering and appetizing as I have come to expect from his
films. The style here is more classical documentary and I like that.
Heart of the Driftlesss is exquisitely filmed as is
always the case with RT's films and this time he has upped then anty with some breathtaking aerial photgraphy.
This is my kind of DVD, it contains 2.5 hours of high quality, educational and entertaining films, definitely worth
the $30 price tag.

So what's the verdict? Well,  no doubt in my mind the sheer number of minutes combined with top notch production
earns this DVD a GLOBAL CLASS rating...6 out of 7 stars!

Martin Joergensen
Global Fly Fisher