Crawford Country Michigan, for many, is the fly
fishing center of the universe. The Holy Waters of
the AuSable it's glistening sun. The AuSable is life.
From legendary mayfly hatches to the birth of
Trout Unlimited, from it's famed AuSable river
boats to the epic battles over land and mineral
rights between profit crazed corporations and
grizzled river warriors. This river and it's storied
trout are a life's blood of a generation.
The River trailer
My wife and I watched the dvd up at the cabin this weekend. "Summers" is is the entire
dvd. It's helping to speed up my retirement plans...well done!

Robb Smith
Chairman, Michigan TU  
I'm not big on buying videos but this dvd is excellent, glad I bought it. Congratulations, a masterpiece!

Tom Losiowski
Summers trailer
Brothers Brown trailer
The River is top #ucking notch. Keep it up man!!!

Josh Radlein
The River is something you should truly be proud of. The dvd contains so many special moments and
photography that it needs more than a single viewing to savor. This one will be talked about and
watched for many years to come...

Dave Olgren
Wow, what an amazing body or work and having been on both sides of fishing films over the years  
I can not imagine how you did such an amazing job at shooting and editing this in basically a season.

In short, it is a gorgeous work of art that held my interest from start to finish.  A feast for the eyes and
the soul.  I just wish you had the time and money to do one on every major trout river in the US.
Every river needs to have its story told by Robert Thompson.  I have always wanted to fish the
Au Sable and although I have not been able to yet, you have given me almost everything I would
want to know about the river except the smell of the water and the feel of an Au Sable trout on my line.

Tom Rosenbauer
Marketing Manager
Orvis Rod & Tackle
The River does a phenomenal job of interweaving all of the aspects and personalities a watershed can
possess. This film has more to offer each time I watch it and RT did a wonderful job capturing all of the
many facets of the AuSable river and the people who have loved her, cared for her and who now
embrace her beauty and work hard to keep her healthy. It is a wonderful depiction of a resource we all love.
WARNING: this film will inspire you to do more. To be a better angler, conservationist, guide or activist.

Brian Kozminski
True North Trout
I'm so impressed with the entire DVD...I think it's your best work yet!

Cam Mortenson
The Fiberglass Manifesto
The River, presents a fair and balanced view of the importance of the Au Sable River to it's valley, it's
wild creatures and it's passionate guardians and the anglers. This film brings home the expectations,
and the sense of obligation, of angling a fragile, treasured stream. Robert, you did a wonderful job with
this dvd and I'm proud to have been a part of it!

Bob Linsenman
Author, Snowblood's Journal: An American Novel About Men and Dogs in Vietnam
The River captures the very essence of an American fly fishing icon. The Au Sable's rich history,
colorful fly fishing culture, and some of its secrets are blended with wonderful filming and editing to
create a complete picture of the entire experience. I seemed to be transported to The River's edge
and left with an overwhelming feeling to grab a 5 weight and run out the door.

Rick Kustich
Author, Advanced Fly Fishing for Great lakes Steelhead.
RT, I've watched The River three or four times now and I just wanted to say what a fantastic production
this is. Being an English guy residing in Germany, I had no previous knowledge of the Au Sable, Crawford
County, Grayling or any of the places you covered in the dvd so I can say in all honesty that you did a
remarkable job in telling some of the history of the river through the various industrial ages, as well as
shedding a great light on the people that have lived and depended on the river for their entire lives.
Aside from inspiring fellow anglers, we should all be proud that the area has been showcased in such a
quality production not just as a fishing destination to visit, but as an area that should be cherished.
I have all your dvd's RT and I sure hope this isn't your last!

Ian Wilson
The River is everything a fly fishing film should be. Awesome job!

Matt Patton
RT, I've admired your work the past 3 or 4 years. I recently purchased The River and just watched
Summers. Bob is a gift to all fly fisherman and his rods are works of art. Thank you for this and
keep up your wonderful work.

Bob Evans
Ithaca, NY
The River is everything a fly fishing film should be. Awesome job!

Matt Patton
Finally, finally watched The, standing ovation from this guy! You nailed it...absolutely
captured what it is and what it means. Exquisite.

Dave Grossens
The River dvd is once again out of print. Thanks to all who have purchased
it over the years.
The River as well as the other two features on the disc;
The Brothers Brown and Summers are available as streaming options.
The Brothers Brown & Summers
download options and links can be found
on the home page.