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Spey Daze is a visually striking film about the impassioned
pursuit of Great Lakes Steelhead on the swung fly. The journey
passes through some of the regions most picturesque and
storied rivers while trying to tangle with one of the most exciting
game fish found in fresh water.

Once maligned for its questionable water quality and angling
practices, the Great Lakes fishery has matured and emerged
as a true fly fishing destination. The film focus on the growth of
the fishery while exploring the past, current and future issues
that impact the lakes and their steelhead populations.

Filmed over two and half years in WI, MI, OH,
PA, NY and Ontario, fishing action was captured on
tributaries of all five of the Great Lakes

Experience the Great Lakes steelhead fishery top to bottom
like no other fly fishing film has done before.
...watched it front to back, it's kick ass!
Hunter Dorn
Wisconsin Fly Fishing Company
Skip Dewall
I'm simply blown away at the scope of what this film accomplished...AMAZING!!!!
Expertly capturing and seamlessly integrating the elegant pursuit of our sport
with the raw beauty of the Great Lakes, Spey Daze hits on everything we love
about this fishery. Whether you chase Steelhead on the swung fly, or just
have a passion for this often-elusive fish in our region, Spey Daze is a must
watch. As visually beautiful as it is educational.

Culminating with a metaphoric line that perfectly sums up both our relentless
and addictive desire to chase these fish around a region, and the film's ability
to capture its audience from the very start, Spey Daze, like these fish we
love, keeps us coming back for more.
Ryan Ouellette
Southern Ontario
Totally loved that it isn't just a fishing film and how educational it is for
the Great Lakes region. Great job! Great film!
Tommy Lynch
Fish Whisperer Guide Service
Baldwin, MI
Spey Daze is just awesome and I think it's a "must watch." I learned a lot of
history and also about issues our waters face, how to get involved more
and of course the spey fishing very cool and beautifully shot!!
Michelle Brestelli
Cassopolis, MI
As a West Coast Transplant from the Great Lakes it was thrilling to see the
water I grew up on, and so many I had never visited before. This film is a must
for any Great Lakes angler and has plenty to offer Spey anglers from afar who
want to look further into the Great Lakes steelhead fishery.
Zack Williams
Swing the Fly Magazine
OP, Washington
Dan Greiner
Columbus, Ohio
That. Was. Awesome.  With the amount of fly fishing films that exist, I've always
wondered when someone would explore the world the regular guys fish in.  As
cool as it is to see giant tarpon, grizzly bears, and hair raising adventures south
of the border, the truth is, most of us will be lucky to experience fishing anything
beyond our relative backyard more than a time or two in our entire lives.
Watching "Spey Daze" is like being a fly on the wall in your own fly fishing life.  
RT did a wonderful, thoughtful job of picking the participants, these are guys who
have helped to build the culture of Spey fishing in the GL.  Anyone who's spent
hundreds of hours of driving, to spend hundreds of hours standing in 33 degree
water in snow squalls, to feel a couple grabs with will be happy to see that the
pros have to work for them too.  It's a realistic take on a style that is NOT the
most productive way to catch fish, but is perhaps the most gratifying. All of that is
great, but the important part of the film is the discussion of the serious issues
facing the Great Lakes in a matter of fact way that represents all sides of the
spectrum.  The only way to preserve what is working and fix what isn't, is for all
affected parties to work together and have honest discourse about the future,
with the interests of what's realistically good for the overall fishery
being the focus.  Kudos to RT and all involved for planting the seed,
Spey Daze is an instant classic and a must view for all steelheaders!!
Over the years, I found myself looking forward to watching certain film makers
work over others. Robert Thompson is one of them. I became a big fan of his
when he came out with Zero to Hero, a film I watch annually. Each of his films
are unique in themselves. You get the sense that he just let’s each of them take
shape on their own. Spey Daze is no exception.

Whether you’re heading out steelheading to swing or bounce flies off the bottom
this film is a must see. It will give you an idea what a steelhead journey is all
about while also telling the story of Great Lakes and it's fishery.
Kevin McKay
McKay's Fishing Adventures