Running time 31 minutes. DVD features a Dolby 5.1 surround sound mix.

$10.00 + shipping & handling (U.S. only)
The footage is top notch and the cinematography really takes you there. I really enjoy how the story unfolds and I
think most of you know the pain of trying to hit the hatch at it's peak. I was truely entertained by this film and look
forward to more films from thirdyearflyfisher.

Kevin McKay
The scenery was great, the insite into chasing the bug was good, and the fish were big. There were all the things I
love so dearly; fly rods, fly tying, boats, rivers, bugs, cigars and trout!

Chuck Sams
The Cedar Sweeper
This film keeps it real and offers up all the elements that anglers who chase this bug ask themselves everynight
that they stay up way past bedtime hoping that it all comes together. Night of the Hex is well done, filmed and
edited masterfully and tells the story of chasing the hatch from the perspective of both guides and anglers. It is
certainly worth adding it to your angling collection.

Cameron Mortenson
The Fiberglass Manifesto
Night of the Hex was RAD! It reminds me of some of the waters in Ontario. I'll have to get to Michigan one day.
Great stuff RT.

Johnny McClellan
IF ONLY Surf Shop
Halifax, Nova Scotia